Directed by Johnny Vendetta

Starring: Aletta Ocean, Regina Ice, Lucy Belle, Jandi Lin, Priva, Silvia Rubi, George Uhl, Mike Angelo, Nick Moreno, Oliver Sanchez, Toni Ferrer and Andrea Moranty

The sizzling sex lives of urban youth is on explicit display in Barcelona Sex Secrets, Johnny Vendetta’s first feature length porn movie for Private. Although the movie is about the intertwining sex lives of twelve horny Barcelonans, the focus is undoubtedly on the six young hotties who portray a cross-section of contemporary women. It’s a candid look into their sexually rampant behaviour, and the lust-charged situations they have to confront in modern society: lesbian desires, internet sex hookups and the casting couch to name a few.

This is the perfect setup for a serialized porn show. Imagine a hyper-sexualized version of Sex in the City, without the tiresome discussions between desperate socialites, and without the cuts and fades to black when a hot sex scene is just getting started. This is the man’s version of the hit television show. It is the realistic portrayal of what every man wants to see: hot chicks having sleazy uninhibited SEX.

As you may know, Johnny Vendetta is not a single person, it is actually a team of industry professionals who moonlight as porn purveyors. Taking time off from their commercial work, they brought us last year’s vignette, Lorna & Blaze Go Wild, starring explosive Spanish starlet, Natalia Zeta. With Barcelona Sex Secrets, their full directorial potential is unleashed in seven beautifully shot and tastefully edited scenes of sweaty young lust.

The movie opens with a panning shot of the Barcelona skyline. Cut to a shot of Mike Angelo and Regina Ice waking up in their modern clean-lined luxury apartment, then a shot of Lucy Belle in a television audition.

Mike and Regina’s domestic life is boring, and from the brief montage of them carrying out their morning routines, it becomes clear that Regina is pining for some XXX action. Later she meets her actress friend Lucy in a café, who excitedly tells Regina that she might have been given the part in a new television show, which will be shot in another city. Lucy is worried, however, that her boyfriend Andrea will be angry. Meanwhile Mike Angelo is driving dejectedly along the streets of Barcelona.

Lucy decides to visit her boyfriend in his motorcycle repair shop.

Scene 1: Throbbing Chopper
Performers: Lucy Belle and Andrea Moranty
Blowjob, Cunnilingus, pantyhose, Cum in Mouth

Lucy finds her mechanic boyfriend Andrea hard at work. She strides up to him in her short skirt and tight baby-blue top and grabs the pulsating package underneath his greasy mechanic’s coveralls, and they start making out passionately. Andrea sneaks his finger down to her nobler parts and starts stimulating her clit through her black panties, then he pulls her top down and starts flicking his tongue at her lovely breasts. Lucy’s pussy gushes to the point of no return and she mounts Andrea cowgirl while he sits on his the chopper. After putting the chopper’s suspension to the test with vigorous bouncing, Lucy positions herself for a doggie, and Andrea pounds her hard while she screams “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” over and over again. After several revealing positions including another cowgirl (this time on the ground) and a deep-penetrating spoon, Andrea blows his hot milk all over her mouth. Lucy is a sultry, dark-eyed beauty who seems shy at first but always turns into a wild sex demon once the scene gets going. She wears her stockings and her little red Converse sneakers throughout, adding an element of kinkiness.

Mike has been sitting near the beach, smoking cigarettes. He knows his relationship with Regina is on the rocks, but seems unwilling to take any action to improve it. He’s fallen into the doldrums of domestic life and desperately wants out, even if it means infidelity. He calls his friend Toni and asks him for “the number to that place”. We’re not really sure what place that is until the next scene transition and we see him pimping it in a jacuzzi in what looks like a high-class bordello. Two smokin’ Asian hotties strut in the room …

Scene 2: Asian Bordello
Performers: Priva, Jandi Lin and Mike Angelo
Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Toys, Anal, Cum on Tits

Priva and Jandi are making out, rubbing each other’s bodies sensuously while Mike strokes his dick in anticipation. Priva’s black lace lingerie and Jandi’s red corset slowly come off as they pet each other in time to music … Priva goes down on Mike’s engorged python and pumps it while she flicks her tongue at it and slurps down his precum. They get out of the steamy tub, and Jandi sucks Mike’s balls while Priva mounts him for a reverse cowgirl. “Oh yeah … oh yeah!” she screams while horny Jandi coaxes him on: “Fuck her hard!”. Now it’s Jandi’s turn for a taste of the cock and she mounts him and gallops hard in cowgirl, giving us a nice view of the Japanese tats on her back – which, unlike most girls’ tats, actually accentuate her hotness. She turns around and rides in reverse cowgirl, her pierced pussy getting stretched as Mike thrusts up powerfully. The highlight of the scene is Priva’s reverse cowgirl anal, where she pleasures herself at the same time with a large bendable dildo. Finally Mike unleashes a storm of sperm all over their tits. Lesbian action, double penetration, anal intrusions, Priva … it’s all good. You almost can’t blame Mike, even if his girlfriend is Regina Ice.

Regina is reading a guidebook, contemplating a vacation from her boring love life, when Lucy Belle rings her doorbell. Regina says she’ll be right down and the two hotties go to a café and sip coffees on an outdoor terrace. Lucy tells Regina she’s worried her boyfriend Andrea will be angry with her if she lands a role in the television show, because she will have to leave the city. Aletta, who works at a bar they frequent, approaches them to say hi, and sparks of lesbian lust fly between her and Regina Ice. Astute Lucy makes a comment to the effect when Aletta saunters off and invites Regina to stop by her bar later.

Meanwhile Mike and Andrea are sipping whiskeys in a bar, talking about their mutual friend Toni, who has just met a sexy Lolita via a sex chat on the internet. They wonder how his is fairing. Not to bad, it seems …

Scene 3: Chat Sex Hookup
Performers: Silvia Rubi and Toni Ferrer
Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cum on Ass and Back

Silvia, an young slut sporting an indie look, arrives at Toni’s pad for a little sex action. She’s not messing around tonight, wearing a black mini, stomper boots and nylons. She bends down and starts kissing Toni before they move to a seat in the middle of a photography set he has set up in his apartment. He fucks her doggie over the chair, pounding her hard before pulling out for her to blow him. She bobs her head up and down on his cock and takes him all the way in for a deepthroat while she fingers her glistening slit. We get more positions like a reverse cowgirl, a cowgirl, a hard drill, a spoon and finally another doggie before a geyser of cum erupts from his red rod, all over her back. They kiss sensuously.

Mike and Andrea are talking about their relationship problems. Andrea wants to propose to Lucy, but he has cold feet. Mike tells him he has nothing to lose, then he voices his own fears about Regina’s lesbian leanings. No doubt he’s noticed her longing looks at Aletta Ocean … and who can blame her?

Unbeknownst to Andrea, Lucy, wearing a sexy black evening dress, is sitting with Oliver Sanchez and Nick Moreno, in a chic restaurant, discussing her rising career in television. Rising, that is, if she is willing to satiate the rising mound in Oliver’s trousers.

Scene 4: Sleazy Producer
Performers: Lucy Belle, Nick Moreno and Oliver Sanchez
Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Anal, Double Penetration, Brochette, Cum on Face and Pussy

Lucy is sucking on Oliver’s cock when his assistant, Nick Moreno glides in behind her and starts fingering her juicy snatch, leaning in to lick it. Lucy turns around and offers her tempting rear to Oliver and he proceeds to pound it while she sucks Nicks cock. After some sweaty sex she switches studs and gets pounded by Nick while she sucks on Oliver’s cock. We get deep throat action, hard cowgirl riding, spoons and finally a sexy climax where she gets her face cummed on by Nick while she gets fucked hard by Oliver, who eventually blows his load all over her pussy. She’s definitely landed the role after this performance!

Regina Ice is in full lesbian meltdown, yearning for a taste of Aletta’s pussy. She puts on her sexiest red dress and enters Aletta’s bar and finds her pulling beers for some clients. Aletta looks like a pinup from the days of yore, with her jet-black hair done up and her sexy butt-hugging shorts. She whispers something to Regina and the two descend the stairs.

Scene 5: Lesbian Longings
Performers: Aletta Ocean and Regina Ice
Lesbian, Cunnilingus

The two babes are lashing tongues on a pool table, caressing each other’s breasts, and feeling each other’s warm pussies underneath their matching thong underwear. They go down on each other and lick each other like only women know how, driving each other to the brink of orgasm over and over again … Regina flips Aletta over and starts licking her ass, fingering her pussy the whole time … they eventually move into a 69, locking tongues and pussies, before a passionate kiss at the end.

It’s the next morning and Mike wakes up next to Regina. They exchange perfunctory “good mornings” and Regina insists she must go shopping. Apathetic Mike doesn’t seem to mind.

Then reality hits Regina – she is walking to the market when she spots Aletta in a sexy mini jean skirt and black top, with a red scarf on her head. She follows Aletta to a shop with the shutters pulled half way down, and watches in disbelief as she enters and meets a man.

Scene 6: Desire for Cock
Performers: Aletta Ocean and George Uhl
Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Cum on Tits

George the shop owner pulls the shutters all the way down, then proceeds to suck on Aletta’s perky nipples, getting handfuls of her full fleshy bottom. He goes down on her and eats her out and fingerbangs her before she returns the favour and starts give George some head. The consummation gets underway with a hard slamming doggie, George slapping her ass cheeks playfully. We get some standing sex as well as a reverse cowgirl before a tsumami of sperm suffuses her tits. George says, “Yeah … suck it off.” We can all thank the directors for including this hot boy/girl scene and not leaving us high and dry with Aletta’s lesbian scene. Luckily, Regina gets her chance to ride cock too …

Evening is upon us and we have all the main protagonists of Barcelona Sex Secrets together at Mike and Regina’s apartment for an intimate dinner party. They chat amiably before they part ways for the evening, leaving Mike and Regina in an awkward situation. Mike checks out Regina in her sexy black evening dress, and the old sparks of animal attraction come back and soon they find themselves making out passionately.

Scene 7: Makeup Sex
Performers: Regina Ice and Mike Angelo
Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Pile Driver, Cum on Ass

Mike props Regina up on the kitchen counter and eats her pussy, then she goes down on him for a blowjob. She pumps his cock and pulls it out and slaps it on her tongue before plunging it back in her mouth. They move into a hard pounding doggie and Regina cries out, “Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me!” as he goes deeper than any woman has ever gone before. We get more blowjobs, an intense pile driver, a spoon and a hard-riding cowgirl before he cums all over her ass. They kiss. Nothing like some hard make up sex to round out the movie.

The movie ends on a melancholic note, with Andrea dropping Lucy off at her flat. She says, “I have something to tell you,” and proceeds to tell him about the role she just landed in a television series, and how she will have to move away for a while (she leaves out the part about getting double penetrated by the producer and his assistant, however). She asks Andrea what he has to say, and he says “nothing”. Lucy walks into the night.

Barcelona may be a major economic centre, a beautiful sun-kissed coastal town on Spain’s Costa Brava, and a major destination for the international jet set, but what many people don’t know is that the city’s hottest spots are in the pussies and asses of its amazingly sexy women. Johnny Vendetta’s first feature is a success, perfectly depicting the best carnal delights that the Catalonian capital has to offer. With standout performances by starlets Aletta Ocean, Lucy Belle and Regina Ice, as well as a much-welcomed return by former Private contract girl Priva, Barcelona Sex Secrets is the ultimate sex guide to the trendiest city in Europe.


Barcelona Sex Secrets comes out in April 2008